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Richmond's Business Excellence Awards 2022

The David Doorbar Award for Excellence

David was passionate about Richmond and he wanted the town to thrive. He believed that businesses should strive to achieve the best and to look after their customers in the best possible way and said; “Most people think high streets are dead but I disagree – I’m passionate about getting businesses to reach their potential.”

David believed strongly that Richmond has the potential to develop into one of the most vibrant town centres in England, with an enthusiastic and successful retail sector at its heart. He would have been immensely proud that in 2018 Richmond was shortlisted in the Champion category of the Great British High Street Awards.

As a member and Treasurer of the Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association and previously the Richmond Chamber of Trade for over 22 years, it is appropriate that David is remembered at Richmond’s business awards.

The David Doorbar award, which was inaugurated in 2016 is a fitting way to honour his memory.

The judging panel will decide which business from the fifteen winners has gone the extra mile based on its all-round performance.

The Dennis Graves Award for Young Person of the Year

Dennis spent a lot of time with the army cadets both as a cadet and an adult trainer - he got so much from the mentoring he received and he tried, with great success, to have that kind of influence on the cadets he took under his wing.

He was keen when time allowed to have apprentices at Mocha and work experience young adults from school although time restraints meant it wasn’t always possible.

Dennis was an active member of ORBTA and worked hard on the Gas Holder Garden, which Mocha and Neeps and Tatties sponsored. The garden was included in Richmond’s award-winning entry in Yorkshire in Bloom and Dennis and the garden featured on the Richmond episode of BBC2’s Britain in Bloom series.

When Richmond was shortlisted for The Great British High Street Awards he accompanied the Chair of ORBTA to London for the awards ceremony.

For some years Dennis led the organisation of Richmond’s annual Christmas Market.

He was a leading light in the town, who is much missed.



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