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Coronavirus Help For & From Richmond

Coronavirus Help For & From Richmond

Coronavirus Help For & From Richmond

Helping You & Helping Our Businesses For The Future

Working together to help everyone manage self-isolation and other difficulties that we shall experience over the coming weeks.

Whilst it can be hard to find what you want from the ‘big’ shops online, because they are being stretched to keep up with demand, many local businesses have the food, groceries, and key supplies you will need.

There are butchers, bakers, fruit and veg, grocers, licensed grocers all able to help you with food.

Extra day for Richmond Food Market

Each Wednesday from around 8.00am – 2.00pm the following are on sale in Richmond Market Place

Fruit and vegetables, cheese, fresh bread/pies, eggs etc...

Also market every Saturday

Help from Businesses

Treats and gifts can also be ordered and delivered for Easter, birthdays or just to cheer you or somebody else up.

Other helpful contacts are at the foot of the list.

All our business owners and their staff are kind and willing to help you with your orders and a cheery word. Don’t hesitate to phone or email.

As well as helping you now this will also help keep Richmond businesses alive so that the shops and other businesses will still be there for you when this crisis is over.

Self Isolation

If you are experiencing difficulty with any aspect of self-isolation, North Yorkshire County Council will be able to direct you towards your closest Community and Support Organisation, who will provide you with local information around support networks and services. Please call the Customer Service Centre on 01609 780780.

Medicines Delivery – Please keep checking on the Richmond Town Council website for updated information

Richmond Yorks Covid 19 Mutual Aid group

A support group has recently been setup for anyone who is self isolating and needs help. Whether it is a prescription to pick up, or you have run out of milk - one of their team of dedicated volunteers will arrange to help you with whatever you need, as quickly as they can. They now have over 1600 members and are providing a great deal of help to people every day, thanks largely to the heroic and tireless coordination efforts of Fergus Brown.

Visit the Richmond Yorks Covid 19 Mutual Aid group website to learn more.

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