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Original Richmond - RBTA

Original Richmond in Bloom

Let’s Go for Gold!

The Richmond Business and Tourism Association (RBTA) has entered this year’s 'Britain in Bloom' awards, a community gardening campaign to transform our cities, towns and villages.

We have entered the Grow Your Community category, which is judged on horticultural excellence (gardens and floral displays), environmental responsibility and community participation. This is a non-competitive category, which means Richmond will be judged on the standard now and how much improvement has been achieved over the next few months.

This is a community effort led by the RBTA working alongside Richmond Town Council and Just the Job. We very much hope individuals and other organisations will work together with us to grow Original Richmond and give us all yet another reason to make us all proud of our lovely town.

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Chair of the RBTA, Marcia McLuckie said, “We cannot do this on our own and we are calling on as many people as possible to get involved in making Richmond even more beautiful and helping to contribute towards the town's success”.

The organisers are calling on Richmond residents, people who live near to Richmond, business owners in Richmond, school teachers and children, people who work and shop in Richmond, visit Richmond and anyone who cares about Richmond to become involved.

Hanging baskets, tubs, gardens, public spaces, windows, notice boards, verges and more all need to be looking their best and the more flowers the merrier! If you see an uncared for area, please let the Committee know.

Marcia is ambitious for the town: “Let’s ‘Go for Gold, I’m sure we can do it. A group of judges from Yorkshire in Bloom have paid us a visit and on a preliminary assessment believe we are already capable of achieving a silver-gilt award, but let’s go for that gold standard!”

Christine Swift, who owns and runs York House in the Market Place is behind the entry for Richmond in Bloom, “I think it is great that we are going for it. It can only improve Richmond and as a consequence the feel-good factor of the town and surrounding area. Especially this year with the Tour de Yorkshire setting us off with the enthusiasm this will create.”

Judging takes place on Tuesday 3rd July when Richmond must look its very best! Before then the committee are asking for all the encouragement, constructive criticism, compliments and better still all the help you can give!

If you are able to help we would be delighted to hear from you. No special skills required. You just need to care about our town and want to help. Call 01748 825525 or email to

What We've Already Achieved

Members of the Yorkshire In Bloom team visited us in Richmond last October. Since then we have been discussing routes and identifying areas along the route that require particular attention. We have also chosen three project areas to showcase to the judges – the Gas Holder Garden, part of the Old Orchard on the Batts and Just the Job. To learn more about what has been achieved so far please click the link below.

Here's what we have done so far